Work > I Want To Have My Pipe & Smoke It [in progress]

Like men, at first women began to take up pipe smoking out of curiosity and many enjoyed it enough to continue the practice, but evidently not in sufficient numbers to make it a regular part of social custom for any great length of time. For while society has often permitted women to smoke a pipe, rarely have they been encouraged to do so.*

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I Want To Have My Pipe And Smoke It is a project currently in process which examines the pipe as a representation of the traditional and idealized masculine bastion. I am interested in the relationship between pipe smoking, gender, social status and sexuality. Being a contemporary female artist, I appropriate the pipe and reinvent it, while playfully exploring the concept of the masculine ideal of superiority and authority. The result is a series of artworks that examine the pipe as a symbol, my standpoint as a female painter, and today’s selfie craze.

*Hacker, Richard Carleton. The Utlimate Pipe Book. 1984. P 177.