I am a Dutch-Canadian visual artist trained in the tradition of figurative painting. I work in specific series or projects and adjust my medium accordingly. My practice has become increasingly experimental including abstraction and painting onto a variety of surfaces such as books, postcards, photographs, mirrors, as well as, producing installations.

l have a strong attachment to oil paint: a medium that is messy, sometimes difficult and disappointing, but simultaneously sensual, seductive, feisty and fluid – like life itself. My use of symbolism is often extremely layered and has become my artistic style: a kind of idyllic darkness or pleasant melancholy.

My life and work have been greatly influenced by immigrating to Canada as a child and returning to the Netherlands as an adult. Transition and change are recurrent themes in my work evoking fugitive, vulnerable, ambivalent states. Those themes have led me to explore the shared reflective aspects of souvenir and memento mori. My common concern is with the mutable and abiding role of memory.

Specific texts on each different body of work can be found underneath the images on the portfolio pages of each separate series.

Paintings For Our Mothers
water soluble oil on vintage book covers & folded pages[series of 11]
installation view Form & Concept gallery
photo credit: Byron Flesher