Doreen Wittenbols (Breda) is a Dutch-Canadian visual artist, based in New York City. She works in specific series or projects, both single session observational paintings and longer exploratory projects involving abstraction, varied surfaces, installation, performance and ephemeral art.
Her life and work have been greatly influenced by frequent moving, from immigrating to Canada as a child to returning to The Netherlands as an adult. Transition and transformation are recurrent themes: the poignant reciprocity of souvenir and memento mori evokes fugitive, vulnerable, ambivalent states for the artist.
Wittenbols exhibits throughout Canada, the UK, The Netherlands, New York and most recently Paris and Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she also resided. Her paintings were featured in the 150th juried issue of New American Paintings. During her recent residency at the Van Gogh Huis in Zundert, The Netherlands Wittenbols explored the commodification of Van Gogh’s work through the concept of the souvenir.

Specific texts on each different body of work can be found underneath the images on the portfolio pages of each separate series.

Souvenir in Zundert V
water soluble oil on panel
25.4 x 20.3 cm
Plein-air painting made during a work period at the Van Gogh AiR