Doreen Wittenbols (Breda) is a Dutch-Canadian visual artist based in New York City. She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design. Her work encompasses single-session observational paintings and longer exploratory projects involving abstraction, installation, performance, serialized painting, and ephemeral art.
Since 2016, Wittenbols’ figurative painting practice has expanded to include the incorporation of sentimental or “souvenir” objects from her own life as well as found vintage items. Through installation projects and conceptually driven series, Wittenbols reworks these non-traditional art elements from female and queer LGBTQIA+ perspectives to alter or subvert their superficial significance in an attempt to question the patriarchy and assumed societal roles.
Doreen Wittenbols’ work has been exhibited in the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, New York, Paris, and Santa Fe. Her first solo exhibition in the United States appears at form & concept in Santa Fe.

Specific texts on each different body of work can be found underneath the images on the portfolio pages of each separate series.

water soluble oil on panel
5x7 inches