I am a Dutch-Canadian visual artist working primarily but not exclusively in the tradition of figurative painting. I construct my paintings, painting installations and paintings on photographs using personal signs and symbols like in Jan Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait but in my own idiosyncratic way.

My work is mainly project-based and explores the fears and desires and transformative experiences concerning love, sex(uality) and death, using people, (fragmented) locations, landscapes and objects as metaphors for vulnerability. Recent-past work often materialized into a dreamscape: a surrealistic landscape. Transition periods, transformation, within different areas and stages of life are recurring themes in my paintings.

I am interested in how I can articulate fluctuating vulnerable, ambivalent, in-between states not only in the narrative content of my work but also with oil paint… a medium that is messy, sometimes difficult, or disappointing, but simultaneously very sensual, seductive, feisty and fluid - like life itself.

Specific texts on each different body of work can be found underneath the images on the portfolio pages of each separate series.