in progresspieces of the plateNew Skin for the Old CeremonyNew Skin for the Old Ceremony v.IIThe FavouriteNew Skin for the Old Ceremony v.IIINew Skin for the Old Ceremony v.IVside view of New Skin for the Old Ceremony v.IV detail of New Skin for the Old Ceremony
New Skin For the Old Ceremony

New Skin for the Old Ceremony is an ongoing series of paintings and paintings on photographs whereby I am continuously reworking an image of a plastic plate, which used to hang above my grandmothers' bed. The photographs of the plate were taken in the plates’ original context, during a time when my grandmother was reluctantly relocated to a nursing home from a place which was her entire world: her apartment.

Several of the works reference skins, such as the paintings on un-stretched canvas. In another, a devotional piece, I am re-painting the image of the plate over and over, adding perpetual layers upon layers of paint. Some of the un-stretched canvasses of the plate are then bent and warped when hung on the wall, distorting the painterly image even further. The plate which itself is round, has become oval in my reworking of it, and the paintings of it, take on surrealistic dreamscapes or an all-over abstract form.

The imagery on this plate is of a couple in wedding gear - bride and groom. It was most likely a silver anniversary gift for my grandparents. Since my ownership, the plate has broken into a few pieces, as have many hearts. Within this series I also plan to use the actual plate and its’ pieces in an installation gluing the plate pieces to a wall and painting around it.

This ongoing work, is about renewing old rituals, rebuilding something familiar - putting Band-Aids on the past and moving forward through layers of memories - perhaps of love lost or a place to call home - away from home.