Ortelius Drew
Ortelius Drew is a collaborative, mobile, and performative drawing project led by artists Doreen Wittenbols (Amsterdam) and Ilga Leimanis (London). Taking the city as our principle subject matter, we focus on public settings of leisure (gardens and parks), sites of temporary architecture as well as public museum collections. As present-day flâneurs, we move through the city establishing temporary, yet deeply empathetic and intimate relationships with all that we experience.
The artists of Ortelius Drew work both individually and together in public. We lead drawing groups in our respective cities; and in the process, we attract observers from the public - who in turn take part in the broader, participatory aspect of this work.

Please visit www.orteliusdrew.com for more information or contact doreen@doreenwittenbols.com to join the drawing group mailing list.

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